Career Professional, abitious and motivated team is the main value of the company. To work at VESCO means to be a member of the ball clays leading producing company, dealing width challenging, large-scale tasks



VESCO actively invests in employees’ professional development encouraging them to achieve new goals and rewards for outstanding results. Our priority is personal involvement and contribution to corporate success. We carefully recruit the personnel and declare that our Team is our pride

Who are we looking for

Our candidates are proactive, aimed to improve their skills, constantly, set ambitious goals and achieve them
To be open for new learnings and professional development as essential condition for further career growth in the company
To be proactive and initiative, going beyond job responsibilities for higher efficiency
To make their own contribution to the development of our businesses and act in the interests of the team
To be responsible for made commitment and decisions
To be responsible for their everyday performance and assigned work

We offer

High standards of employee healthcare. We create comfortable and save working places, provide employees with a medical insurance policy that allows receiving high-quality timely assistance in public and private clinics
Constant support to our employees at all stages of their professional development by incorporation of training programs for all categories of specialists
Career growth opportunities for employees with outstanding professional skills and sustainable intention for self-development
To become an integral part of the company and its corporate culture aimed at results’ achieving based on partnership, respect and trust
Interesting job in dynamic developing company

Corporate training and professional development

VESCO corporate training and development system forms the employees’ necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, provides training in key competencies for the effective implementation of the assigned tasks. Therefore, the company invests significant resources in staff education and growth.
Teaching methods
Conferences, round tables, business games, master classes, work-shops
English / Spanish / Polish lessons
Professional courses
Trainings and seminars

Managing training

Administrative training programs are based on the principle of increasing the complexity of the required managerial skills at every level of operational activity: from “self-management” to “business management” and aimed at:
Development of leadership potential and managerial thinking
Improvement of corporate and managerial competencies
Growth of manager’s personal effectiveness
Upgrading of professional knowledge and skills

Corporate training

Corporate training programs are designed for employees of different professions and levels of positions held:
Field career activities at the production sites for the technological process observation and deep understanding
Study of Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD programs
Kaizen practice - continuous improvement system
Talent Workshop program
5S system

Personnel reserve

The company is committed to create a strong team of young, results-orientated professionals with leadership potential, well-versed in the technological process, sharing the corporate culture and values ​​of VESCO, ready and able to lead new areas. For such employees, since 2013, the company has a “Personnel Reserve” program. Development and promotion in the company goes as a transparent system and depends on the goals and efforts of the employee. We create conditions for the career growth of our employees and, when free vacancies appear, we primarily consider the internal personnel reserve as candidates.

Professional education

VESCO relies on skilled staff. The company has a license to provide vocational education at the level of qualification requirements. Training at the production sites gives the possibility to provide the lack of personnel in terms of the main and auxiliary professions.
To share knowledge and practical skills work the "Mentoring" program. Tutors with years of experience share their professional secrets and approaches with operational staff who want to improve their skills. Mentoring goes on the most relevant for the company vocational professions without interruption from the main activity.
Primary vocational training aimed at obtaining a working profession. For three or four month students learn the profession directly in the workplace under the guidance of the best specialists of the company still receiving salary.
Obtaining of a higher qualification level, mastering advanced technology, high-performance methods for realization of complex and responsible activities.
The possibility of obtaining an additional related profession.
Primary vocational training.
Advanced training.
Obtaining a second profession.
Experience exchange.
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