Sustainable development We manage our business in a responsible way and invest in community development creating a better future for our country


Our approach to sustainable development

Our approach

We are aware that a sustainable future depends on each of us, so every day we look for opportunities to change the world around us for the better. By investing in environmental and social projects that improve the lives of the people in our society, we contribute to a common sustainable development.

How we make a difference

Social responsibility and environmental safety is the foundation of all the corporate social programs we initiate or support.

We operate transparently and responsibly

We use the knowledge and experience we have gained to effectively utilise the commodities and commercial potential of Ukraine and the world and systematically implement corporate volunteer and social partnership programmes.


Today our social initiatives are targeted on realization of infrastructure developing projects, supporting for preschool, school and special secondary educational institutions, incorporation of educational projects as well as implementation of programs aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle in the regions where VESCO operates


  • To promote the choice of engineering and technical careers we organize meetings for senior students with managers and employees of clay extraction enterprises as well as excursions to production sites. VESCO provides an opportunity for children to get a deeper understanding of workflow of a large company and learn about the possibilities of self-realization near their homes.
  • To increase the prestige of the professions represented at the clay-mining enterprises by assessing the importance of the parental professions in accordance with the project “To the miners’ work” we organize excursions for the children of employees to the production sites in order to promote the choice of professions represented at the mining enterprises through the understanding of parents’ professions importance. In this way VESCO contributes to the career guidance for children and forms personnel reserve for the future.
Social projects

Social projects

  • In 2012, a playground and a “Lovers’ Lane” park were built in Druzhkovka and given to the municipality. The company has invested UAH 227.000 in beautification of the city.
  • In 2013 we invested UAH 427 000 in a multifanctional pitch for basketball, volleyball and small football matches, as well as open –air sport facilities at Secondary School №6 in Druzhkovka In 2014, we invest UAH 430,000 in a project to improve the conditions for physical development of preschoolers. At three Druzhkovka kindergartens, outdoor sporting equipment was installed and gear was purchased for gymnasiums. In the town of Rayskoe, a sport facility was built for children aged 1 to 6 years.
  • In 2015, we established a skate park in Druzhkovka. Total investment: more than UAH 500,000
  • In 2016, more than UAH 400.000 invested in the construction of two playgrounds on Soborna street and Children's Square in Druzhkovka
  • In 2017, a new corporate social program “City do it yourself” was initiated by VESCO. This project aimed at increasing the social activity of citizens and solving the most pressing problems of the town. Within the program, more than UAH 450.000 invested in the implementation of four projects in Druzhkovka: the creation of a “transformer class” in UVK No. 4, the technical equipping of a media center at school No. 12, the improvement of a students’ recreation area at DT DMA and the purchase of music and office equipment for the School of Art.
  • In 2018, within the corporate social program "City do it yourself" more than UAH 500.000 was invested in the realization of 4 projects in Druzhkovka: the purchase of medical equipment for the obstetric department of Central City Clinical Hospital, the construction of a workout area near the JRCCC, the arrangement of the inclusive education group in n.g. No. 34 “Dolphin” and the purchase of gaming and sports equipment for children activities in n.g. №5 "Little Red Hood" of Gornyak town.
  • In 2019, more than UAH 650 thousand were invested within the framework of the City by our own hands” program for the implementation of 8 projects in Druzhkovka: renovation of the corridor of the Family Medicine Ambulatory, arrangement of playgrounds on the territory of the Eastern Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities and City Hospital No. 2. Equipment for the training and development of children with special educational needs of preschool educational institution No. 35 "Aist" was purchased, a group for children with visual impairment of pre-school educational institution No. 4 "Solnyshko" was equipped, office equipment was purchased for three pre-school educational institutions in the city of Druzhkovka - No. 6 Kolokolchik ", No. 23 "Cheburashka”, No. 1"Duimovotchka".
  • In 2020, more than 615 thousand UAH  invested in the purchase of medical equipment for equipping hospitals in the city of Druzhkivka. 194 thousand UAH is aimed at installing a children's playground in the recreation park of the city of Druzhkivka.
Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering

  • Within the projects “Clean City”, “Green City”, the company's employees are actively involved in beautifying public areas (parks, squares, etc.) and social facilities of Druzhkovka.
  • Within the “Children are the future” project, VESCO team assists in preparing the city’s preschool educational institutions for the spring and summer recreation season. We paint outdoor sports and playground equipment and improve material and infrastructure support for preschool institutions.
  • In 2012, a playground and a “Lovers’ Lane” park were built in Druzhkovka and given to the municipality. The company has invested UAH 227.000 in beautification of the city


Enviromental commitment

We aim to be socially responsible company and believe that business growth and development must be both economically and environmentally sustainable. Our duty is to minimize any negative impact on the environment considering that VESCO’s every day activity is raw materials mining. The preservation of natural resources is the fundamentals for sustainable development of the company, so we adhere to the following principles for achieving strategic goals regarding environmental protection.

Key principles

Reasonable usage of natural resources, including energy
Minimization and prevention of the production negative impact on environment
Transparent interaction on environmental issues with representatives of regional authorities, public organizations and residents in the communities where VESCO operates

Strategic goals

Care for the environment by each company’s employee during production process
Realization of land management and technological engineering of facilities in strict accordance with international design standards, ensuring care for the nature
Full recreation of mined area


Labour protection

Confidental hotline

Our responsible investment also involves creating a safe and supportive work environment. We believe it is important for our employees and clients always to be able to rely on us as a responsible company that conducts business in a transparent, open, and ethical way.
Our priority is to comply strictly with high ethical standards at all levels. For this purpose, a direct feedback line operates at all facilities.
We ask that you report any violations of occupational safety and environmental protection regulations, misconduct, discrimination, and corruption to the Confidential Hotline.

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