Procurement VESCO strategy is to provide consistently high quality raw materials and build long-term partnerships with our customers over the globe


Goods and materials procurement

The procurement of goods and materials, works and services is carried out on the basis of the following principles
The principle of competition
Realize the purchasing of goods, materials and services on a competitive basis via comparing suppliers’ commercial offers according approved criteria
The principle of equality
To establish equal conditions for purchasing of goods, materials and services, beforehand and simultaneous notification of all applicants for participation in tender, informing about the selection method, evaluation criteria, procedure and timing for determining the winner
The principle of optimality
The procurement realization according optimal outlay of financial and human resources of VESCO
The principle of earliness
Goods, materials and services purchasing early planning in order to rational use of storage facilities, working capital and human resource of VESCO
The principle of efficiency
The purchase of goods and materials, works and services that meet the qualitative and quantitative requirements, as well as the estimated delivery time. Definition of weighted evaluation and strategy for the categories purchased
The principle of interaction with reliable partners
Entering into contractual relations with those suppliers who have been pre-qualified and meet the requirements of the Counterparty Verification Procedure only
Tenders and bidding


To participate in tenders and electronic trading of VESCO, new suppliers kindly asked to register and go through the qualification procedure in the category or group of materials, works or services in which they would like to trade. Notifications on new purchases and invitations to participate in competitive procurement will be sent to participants that have undergone prequalification.
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